Tips on potty training your puppy


Potty training your puppy can be challenging especially if you don’t know the techniques. Training your puppy on how to use the potty will save you a lot of stress. You don’t have to worry of the puppy messing up your house, and you will also save money of diapers. There is that satisfaction that comes knowing that you successfully trained your puppy on how to use the potty. Patience is the most important thing when potty training your puppy.

Puppy potty training

Feeding schedule

A feeding schedule is important when it comes to potty training. Making sure that you stick to a feeding schedule so that you can know the time when the puppy will use the potty. The feeding schedule should be very consistent. You can divide the meals into three small portions and stick to it. A good diet is also important because some foods are likely to irritate the stomach of your puppy and disrupt the potty training.

Monitor the trends

If you have already started a feeding schedule, it is now time to monitor the trends of using the toilet. If your puppy goes to the toilet two times, then you should keep a good record. This will help you determine when you should encourage the use of the potty. Once you monitor the trends, you can keep the puppy close to the potty at this time.


Be consistent

When it comes to consistency, it is all about on where you keep the potty. Look for one corner and then place the potty there. If you keep moving the potty, then the puppy will end up being confused, and this will disrupt the potty training process.

Give clear commands

Dogs work with clear commands, and they don’t understand mixed messages. If you want the puppy to sit on the potty, then your command should be clear. This will avoid confusion by giving distorted messages to the puppy.


Reward good behavior

At last, if the puppy can use the potty correctly, remember to reward the good behavior. This will encourage the puppy to stick to the good behavior and use the potty regularly.