The Relevance of the Welding Industry

Steel Welding

Welding is a procedure used in joining metals permanently. It involves the use of heat and pressure which is applied to the metals being joined. The evolution of technology has seen the emergence of new welding techniques like the use of laser beam. There are different types of welding methods one can use. One of them is the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), which is the most common type. It requires the use of an electric current to create a curve between the stick and materials being joined. It can be used for manufacturing. The other conventional method is Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) where a tungsten electrode is used to melt two pieces of metal to join them. It is mostly used in piping systems.

There are other products like the purging paper and tape which can be useful duringWelding Car Repairs welding. Aquasol Welding is known to produce some of these products that can be used during the welding process. The welding tape helps minimize the use of excess inert gas when joining large circular metals. A water-soluble paper can also be used to hold back gases on the melting area in the joining of stainless steel pipes. Welding is an essential part of our daily life. Here are is the importance of the welding industry.

Building and construction

The welding process is important when it comes to building and construction. Metals can be used in the construction of various parts of the house. Most doors and locks are made of metals. There are also roofing parts that may require the use of metal. The welding process will come in during the joinery work of the metallic elements.


Welding plays an essential role in the production sector. Various items will require welding for their production. The manufacture of custom-made motor vehicles and other locomotives will require some joinery work. Other vessels like ship and planes, which are made of metal also require welding for their production. It is also essential for companies that deal with the production of consumer goods.


Welding ProcessWelding is also useful in repairing several damaged parts. Broken gates or metallic structures are always repaired using welding materials. Other structures like leaking pipelines can only be repaired through the welding process. The common procedures used in repairs is the shielded metal arc welding and flux corded arc welding.