Jacvapor Review


The E- cigarette company has been in operation since 2010. Despite having a very difficult start where it only had few customers and many challenges, it has grown to be top ranked their category of production.  Within this time, it has built a reputation globally through its fine products and great innovation.

Jacvapour stocks very high quality and technologically advanced E-cigarettes that most vapers say are very easy to use. Their customer care has been voted as one of the most hospitable.

Jacvapor common kits


Usually offers a complete solution as it will cot2gwedrfwed5t2e6y27u2me with a portable charging case and all other important items to start vaping. The charging case which comes in different colors will let you charge your batteries while on the go. If you are willing to change from the analog cigarettes, consider this starter kit for its user friendliness. It’s a perfect match for people with different preferences as it is very customizable.

Series E aero kit

This kit is a sleek beauty. It’s made of stainless steel and hence very durable. It is a high-end product evidenced in its high-performance battery, great packaging, stylish nature and improved capacity. The aero tank is ideal for controlling the air flow that increases the vaping experience. The tank which is slightly heavy also gives it the compactness. It’s also refillable with e-liquids.

The high-performance battery comes in 3 different voltages. 3.7V, 4.2V, and 4.8V that are easily changed through tapping the button to switch your preferred voltage. There is a LED indicator to show the voltage. Safety is not compromised as it has an automatic cut off.

Series B box mod

If you are lorq2fwdw5edr62ey72u2u27oking for a premium grade experience, then you have found a perfect match in this kit. It’s designed for heavy vapers, and its 22mm aero tank will confirm this. The box mod may have up to 50W power at your disposal, provided by it 18650 batteries. As part of safety measures, the box mod has a magnetic door to lock the batteries. It also has circuit protection capability.

Jacvapor has built its reputation very fast and selection of fine products has always given it a five star. Any vaper is well taken care of by various starter kits. They also provide different flavors for the E-liquids as well as nicotine strengths. The ability to customize to different users preferences also gives then a competitive edge.