Five Tips For Seven Figure Facebook Ads


Facebook has become part of almost everybody’s life as a marketing or socializing forum thus making it a useful and powerful player when it comes to online marketing. It is an ideal option for advertisers because of its advanced targeting options, reliable conversation tracking, cost efficiency as well as prevalence on mobile devices.

Obtaining a presence on Facebook is important for any company because it guarantees a large number of followers instantly. Business owners prefer Facebook for marketing because they can gather multiple types of data like the user’s age, interests, search patterns, location just to mention a few. This means that their ads can be targeted to their audience with lots of accuracies. The following pointers in this guide will help you to perfect your Facebook ads.

Have an objective

It’s essential that you have an objective when creating your Facebook ads. Planning must take place for everything to work in order. Come up with something that will attract your target audience. Also, include as much information about your products as possible to benefit those who are looking for them.

Display your products

adsIf you wish to grab the attention of your clients without much struggle, you should do more than just promoting your products. Show them to your customers in a special way to convince them that they are the best. Be very creative when it comes to displaying your goods.

Know your audience

The best way to get the most out of your Facebook ads is knowing your audience. It is the ideal way to reach out to a significant audience. Before posting any ad you should know your target. For instance, if you are posting on Facebook then you should be aware that your target audience is that of people aged 25 and above.

Be engaging and unique

Your chances of generating followers and likes by posting lots of meaningless and irrelevant content are next to zero. You need to make sure that each post you make is effective and captures your chosen audience positively.

For instance, most business owners today prefer posting pictures instead of plain text to try and communicate in a more captivating manner with their clients. High-resolution images draw lots of attention and thus will attract more followers as well as likes. You must keep in mind that a lot is happening on Facebook and your clients don’t have time to stain in one place.

Schedule your posts

day by dayYou should decide whether you will be posting Facebook ads hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Scheduling your posts will give you time to do other important things. There are optimal posting times on Facebook that you must put into consideration when posting.

If the audience you are targeting is that of people who are working the whole week, try posting something relevant at around five or six o’clock when they are from work. If you don’t wish to annoy your audience with too many posts, you should post at least twice weekly. Try to catch up with your audience before they leave for work, during their lunch break or when they are through with work.