Different Types Of Flashlights And Their Uses


Flashlights come in different sizes, make and even functionality depending on use. It is important to use the right flashlight to get its full functionality. According to the detailed Mike’s blog, different groups of people like police or hikers will use flashlights suited for their specific purpose. This article will, therefore, highlight different flashlights and their various uses.

Types of flashlights and their uses

Everyday carry flashlight

dfgdfgdfgdgdgfThis is a controversial type of flashlight as it characteristics are debatable. One quality may be essential for someone on a daily basis while to another; they are useless. However, we are all in agreement that EDC flashlights need to be bright and durable to resist everyday use strain. When deciding on this kind of flashlight consider your usage situation. If you live in very wet or rainy lands, then a waterproof option would be necessary. Let the size be enough not to get you overwhelmed and the beam of light enough to illuminate well.

Hunting Flashlights

Hunting is not for anyone, and those enthusiastic about it will confirm that sometimes the call to hunt at night is inevitable. Hunting lights mostly offer red beam since most animals cannot see the red color. They offer powerful beams with some offering almost 200 lumens to enable the hunter to see clearly. They are light and easy to grip, but if you like to clip it on your rifle all come with this capability. They are durable and waterproof just in case rain, or water comes in contact with it.

Gun Flashlights

dfsdfsdfsdfsdfIt can be very unfortunate to fire your weapon at what you cannot see. Indeed it would look like an act of cowardice or a waste of a bullet. It is also not a good idea to hold a flashlight in one hand and a weapon in the other. Most gun or pistol flashlights come with a capability to quickly clip to the weapon facing the direction of the target. The light will give you the advantage to make a decision to fire or not. Such lights are made of durable material to survive the hard situation. They also send sharp beams of light to see far still more a better advantage.


Some daily work requires use of penlight like in medical situations. Such flashlights are used for various situations like checking patients eyes and are carried around in the pockets by the doctors. Since this are purposely for medical use mostly on the eyes, their beam needs to be moderate rather than blinding sharp.