5 ways on how to potty train a girl at age 2


Most of the parents who are doing training for the first time find it tough to potty-train their little girls. In fact, most of them neither know when and how to start the exercise nor make it as simple as possible. Lucky enough, it is indeed easier to train little girls than boys. However, if the process is handled properly, it is indeed a pleasant time and fun in the long run—no need for one to be stressful about it.

Practical ways on how to potty train a girl at age 2

Ensure the kid is ready to learn

hgsaghsab65saFor one to make the process on how to potty train a girl at age 2 so efficient, she should make sure that the child is ready to take the studies. Admittedly, there is no need for one to start training a baby when she is too young—at least two years is appropriate.

Introduce her to the potty

Before any studies commence, the parent should ensure that the baby daughter is not in any way afraid of using the potty. Besides, she has to make her feel at ease and contented with it. The daughter should be made aware that using the tool will help her become a big lady.

Teach her how to wipe correctly

It is crucial to teach the baby youngster why and how to wipe once she has finished the toilet work. Frankly, she should wipe from front to back. By so doing, she will be able to prevent the infections in the urinate tract.

Always reward her and celebrate her success

When the baby does well in the training, is right for the parent to praise and reinforce the behavior. One can use charts that show the progress of the child. Compliments and positive reinforcement help the toddler to continue with the action.

Never shout at her in case of an accident

hghs67shgsaasIn case a child makes a mistake, the best way is to treat her lovingly and calmly. In fact yelling at her will lower her confidence. In the first instance, the parent should know that the process is a big experience and a challenge for both herself and the baby—there will be bad days and bad days. So, when an accident happens, the parents should just go back to the routine and avoid overreacting. That will make the baby girl move on with confidence.

The above are 5 proven and effective ways on how to potty train a girl at age 2. You can also click on potty training girls age 2 to learn more.